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About Our Team

Get to Know Us

At Source One Meds, we’re extremely passionate about what we do, which translates into quality flower and products. Our many years of experience and unwavering dedication sets us apart from the competition and distinguishes Source One Meds as the preferred source for your cannabis products. 

Bryan Lovett


Bryan Lovett was the founder (President) of Funky Skunk Farms created in Arizona 12 years ago. He has been a prominent grower for the past 20 years. He built Funky Skunk from the ground up and sustains a reputation as one of the top growers in Arizona; having received the Earl Cup with seven first-place finishes in Flower division, and three first-place finishes for Extract. Mr. Lovett was also the head of Carbon extraction for Orion Remedies.  Mr. Lovett is the driving force behind the top quality of our Hydroponic flower, top shelf concentrates, and instrumental with constant new in-house Genetics.  As President of Source One Meds Mr. Lovett oversees the cultivation, extraction facility, and edible kitchen.

Ross Miljenovich

Vice President

Ross Miljenovich is Vice President of Source One Meds LLC. He is a product-to-market expert; having launched many new brands over his marketing and sales career. Mr. Miljenovich oversees the front end of Source One Meds as Director of Sales and Marketing.  Mr. Miljenovich began his business career in 1994 in marketing and advertising. In 1996 he launched a large building supply manufacturing facility in Mexico with distribution facilities in Arizona with nationwide reach.  In 2002 Mr. Miljenovich launched RM & Associates, LLC for residential and commercial finance. In 2010 he launched three builder publications in Arizona. During the last several years he has focused most of his energy in the medical industry providing services and products to the top 25 healthcare providers in the country. With his well-rounded experience in marketing, manufacturing, distribution, finance, and medical industries, Mr. Miljenovich is the driving force behind distribution and relationships. 

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